Steven Atkinson

Image Quality - Shaded and Draft Quality Deviation

Discussion created by Steven Atkinson on Apr 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2008 by 1-D88IXC
When creating a new part from a template the Highest deviation available is 0.1506mm. If I create a 3mm circle on a sketch and extrude it - then look at the deviation again the maximum has dropped to 0.0064mm quite a bit lower.

In previous releases of SolidWorks this was able to be set at a constant rate and the value didn't change after a feature was created. Also the value was able to be set at a much lower maximum value in the part / assembly template (lower than 0.1506mm)

Does any one know why this value can't be set lower on the template and have it remain a constant when a feature is created?