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    Editing Fit Spline

    Daniel Paris
      It doesn't look like I can edit my selections after I've made my Fit Spline curve. Am I wrong?
        • Editing Fit Spline
          Matt Lombard
          You are correct.

          Make wise choices.

          Fill out an enhancement form.
          • Editing Fit Spline

            Not sure what you mean here? Are you saying that you would like to edit (move) the underlying geometry of the Fit spline and have the Fit Spline follow but can not? You can do that and you can drive it with dimensions.

            Or are you saying that you can not delete or reassign one of the underlying geometries and have the Fit Spline update? In that case, no we can not do that without deleting the original fit spline and re-making it.
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              Kevin Quigley
              I use Fit Spline a lot. What I do is create the underlying lines and arcs on one sketch then create a new sketch and reference those elements and create the fit spline over that. If I need a big change to the underlying elements I delete the fit spline and re-reference. Works fine.