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At Check-in - Deleting non-checked in Documents?

Question asked by Tim R on Apr 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by Tim R
You need to work on a large assembly with many parts and sub assemblies.. You check it out in PDM; make some changes to the drawing and top level assembly; go to check it back in and the only files deleted are the main/top level assembly and the drawing file that you made changes to and thus are actually being checked in. Why doesn't PDM give you an option to delete any of the files you needed to check out but haven't worked on and are not checking back in? You are left with a local/working folder with a bunch of miscellaneous files gradually filling it up, if you don't manually delete them. Maybe there is a way to do it? The red x is there. Why doesn't the PDM delete files you no longer need? It should give you that option, right?