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CosmosWorks/ motion for vibration/ earthquake

Question asked by Knut Sand on Apr 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2008 by Knut Sand

This is an variant of another thread inside here, "following a closed path".
However; my vague idea was to use a modelled frame (A skid with some equipment on; the object to check), place this frame on a "floor" and under this , attach a "ring", through this ring a 3d sketch/ line with horisontal/ vertical bend, if this line is pulled in a determined speed, in horizontal movement, the floor, and the frame will (have to) move like during a simulated earthquake....
If I have understood this correctly then, I then can check the stress in the design, the legs, the stiffeners...?

Or am I just influenced by too much heavy medication now...?

Any/ all ideas will be appreciated. But please restrict ideas to the Cosmos program(s) that is included in the SW premium package.