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The NEW "Edit Dimension" dialog & the most dangerous SWx default

Question asked by Bill Rose on Apr 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2008 by Bill Rose
I'd like to complain, as loudly as possible, about the changes to the edit dimension dialog. The new design is just plain dumb. And coupled with the very poorly choosen "All Configurations" as the default setting for editing dimensions you are set up to lose work.

In past versions, this destructive default was somewhat offset by the nice verbal reminder in the dialog that clearly showed you were about to change every configuration's dimension instead of only the one you were working on. Now, while there's a nice space between the data entry window and the icons, it's not being used to display the dimension's current condition. Why??? Yes, if you look very hard at the tiny icon and can remember which icon means what, the information is there but it's well short of a reminder.

Over the years I've lost more time because of this one bad default choice than anything other than SWx crashing and taking my unsaved work with it. Of course both of these things tend to happen when your're in a hurry to get the job done.

Can we fix both of these problems? Or at least set the default to the much less destructive "This Configuration" or even "Specify Configurations". Better yet, let us choose, so those that actually like it the way it is won't put up a fight. And please use the wasted space in the dialog to show us what's going on. Tiny little icons may be cute but they aren't practical......Bill