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    CTRL-TAB Dialog Disappears

    Bill Rose
      I cannot use CTRL-TAB or the menu to browse open documents. All I get is a one or two second look at the dialog before it goes away. Holding the keys down makes no difference. Using the Window menu does the same thing. Normally I'd just do it the old way but I can't because once I get more documents open than the Window menu will hold and the bottom of the list shows "More", that selection takes me to the same fleeting dialog.

      Also, when I use this command and the dialog dismsses the open active file will toggle between the first two listed. This is a major problem (one of several). I'm on 2008 3.1

        • CTRL-TAB Dialog Disappears
          Wayne Tiffany
          Try this. When you want to switch to another open file, press the Ctrl key, press and release the Tab key, but do not let go of the Ctrl key. That way the dialog box should stay open as long as you hold the Ctrl key and you can use your mouse to click on whatever file you want.

          For us I also assigned a hotkey of Alt-O to open that dialog box. Hit the hotkey and release and the box just stays there until you click on one.