File Structure

Discussion created by 1-CL3U3T on Apr 2, 2008
Currently my company does not use a DB to manage documents. It is becoming increasingly difficult and we are close to purchasing a system. Before we do so, I would like to get some information on what does and does not work for file structures.

We need to be able to differentiate between parts in the initial design phase and parts that are "orderable". We are also interested in how to set-up library parts. All parts that we design are eventually given a company part number. We also purchase parts directly as well as have a third party manufacturer purchase parts that we designate for our design. Some of these parts are given a company part number and some are not. All parts used in our designs are modeled in SolidWorks. We also have some issues of access to these files. There are people that need read-only access and some that need read/write access. It completely depends on what level the part is at.

Any information on what is currently in practice that is, or is not, working would be extremely helpful.