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Noobie Question

Question asked by Mark Hillman on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2008 by Mark Hillman
Firstly thanks for all the great info you guys have put up, up till now I've been able to sort any problems by searching this forum, SW help, manuals etc. However this one's got me stumped and is frustrating the hell outta me, and yet it seems so simple. Im using SW08 sp3, I haven't been using SW for long and rarely use sheetmetal so don't know it very well.

Basically I want to create mitre flanges around the edges of this part.

I've tried creating a surface plane and/or plane but it still won't work for me. The mitre flange tool gives me an error saying "the profile is not on a plane that is normal to the edge on which the flange is to be created... etc".

Using Edge-flange, I can select the first edge and make the angle parallel to the planar surface which is great. But then when I select a second edge the parallel to face option disappears and leaves just the resultant angle, which is not suitable for the other flanges.

Please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong before my mouse goes through the monitor?

Thanks heaps.