A Langston

EDrawing Loading Error - Driving Me NUTS

Discussion created by A Langston on Apr 1, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2008 by Vajrang Parvate
I have a file that will load in the version 2007 of Edrawings on a lap top. NO problem. Have a new vista and loaded version2008 and on the top lvl assembly of an e drawing I see the assembly then I get an error pop up 2 x then I see nothing.

OK thought it was vista so went to my desk top with xp and installed same way same error.
(on one install actually got an error 501 for what that is worth.

OK so then I try to read solidworks files and other Edrawings. NO problem they open fine. On both vista and desk tip.

So then I try to recopy file (possibly corrupted) no dice. IT seems I cant open this to top level files on a new installations yet it works on the old. They read on the Edrawings 2007

Any ideas of what to do? DO i have a settting screwed up.