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    Decals for control panels visible in models

      Hi Guys,

      We have a control panel with various controls that need to be labeled. The labels will be printed onto a transparent overlay that will be stuck onto the panel.

      I would of course like to create the artwork inside solidworks so that when the controls are layed out enough space will be left for the labels, and so annotations and text will be updated if anyone moves the controls around. However, there are the following problems:

      1. If I create the artwork as a sketch in the panel part, I can create nearly all of the required artwork _except_ for filled text. Also, on exiting the sketch editor all the colors disappear and display as gray, and I can't find a way to make the original colors display. Also, when creating a drawing all the colors in the original sketch disappear, and of course the text still isn't filled.

      2. If I create the artwork as sketches in a drawing, then of course none of the artwork appears in the original model, which makes the panel layout rather difficult to understand when working in the 3d model. Also, for some odd reason you can't sketch text in drawings, so you have to rely on notes, which can't be dimensionally related to control points in the model.

      In both cases, we would still have to manually hide each line in the drawing that we didn't want to appear in the final drawing print-out, which is a bit tedious.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to go about this?