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    Text command

    Roy Kim
      When I put text into sketch to make an extrusion, is there anyway that I can change the angle of Italic?

      I think by default, italic is 70° but I want to have it at 80°.

      Rotate only roates the whole text and I don't know any feature can do that.


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          Mark Kaiser
          I don't think you can change the angle of the italic specifically, but did you try using the rotate button in the sketch text command?  This rotate command you can set the angle for, just change the number inside the <>, <r10> rotates 10 degrees, <r-10> rotates -10 degrees.  You can also apply italic and rotate in the sketch text command to the same text.<br /><br />If were not thinking the same maybe the attached jpg will help.
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              Roy Kim
              Thanks Mark.

              Yes I have tried and as you notice the text, it's not same as the italic text. It rotates the whole text instead of leaving longitude as horizontal...

              Well I guess there is no such a feature. Thanks for your help
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              Kelvin Lamport
              Which fonts have you tried?
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                  Dwight Livingston

                  You might first create the extrusion then use scale to shrink it horizontally, which will reduce the angle. Might not look the way you want, or it might.

                  Probably better, you could use Deform to adjust the angle. That'll make the change more precise and will distort the letters less.