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Mates loose/switch faces

Question asked by Svetlana Antiperovitch on Mar 28, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by Stephen Gioacchini
I have assemblies with piping routing sub assemblies that I need to use for new design.

Packed-and-go via SW Explorer.
New assembly will have concentric and coincident mate problems, that would not be shown in Manager Tree. Manager Tree has no error. Red or green color whatsoever.

Some of the mates will show lost faces upon editing.
Some will show absolutely wrong face. Not the one that was used for mate in original file.
Lets say, Butterfly Valve was coincident to raised face of Weld Neck Flange. After pack-and-go valve will be mated to flat face of same flange.

Should mention that valves are mated to SW routing components in upper level assembly.