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Dual Socket Xeons running XP x64 and CosmosWorks

Question asked by Nick McNaughton on Mar 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2008 by Andrey Aliamovskiy
I've heard a rumour that dual socket workstations can run a second session of SolidWorks (without CWx plugin running) while the first session is running a lengthy CosmosWorks solve. Can anyone confirm, deny or test this? I've tried it with a 32 bit C2Duo workstation with no success.

If it does work, is there any limit to functionality other than not being able to run a second session of CWx?

We're considering our options for the next workstation purchase, running XP x64 with a lot of RAM. At the moment, we're running FEA solves up to and often beyond the XP32 memory limits, so we're looking at x64 and more RAM to get past that issue. If we can solve in the background and still be able to use the seat of SWx for modelling for those 4-5 hours, the price difference for a dual socket board might be worthwhile for us.

Nick McNaughton