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Constrains in Cosmos

Question asked by Krishh M on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2008 by Krishh M

I am very new bee to Cosmos. This is a problem I am trying to solve.It would be great if somebody kindly look into and verify the constrains I have given and your recommendations please.

As I explained in the picture,

This is an assembly of Aluminum housing base and plexi glass block. Plexi glass is a 4.5 inch square with 1.5 inch thick where as Aluminum block is of almost same dimensions hole in the middle. Plexiglas is supported on Aluminum on outer surface and small cylindrical surface at center. Whle assembly is supported on with 4 holes at bottom face. A pressure of 6000psi acting on all surfaces.

The constrains I have given

1. Fixed constrain on the face where I mount it.

2. 6000 psi on all outer surfaces (both glass and Aluminum, excluding the surface which I fixed)

3. Global contact condition of 'No Penitration'.

Can somebody look at this picture and suggest me if I am in the right direction or not.

It would be great if somebody help me on this so that I would get some idea how to think on problems like this.

It would be like great great help