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    White Text on Black Hatch?


      I made a bunch of little squares to represent tags on wires and I wanted to fill the square with the solid hatch then annotate in white so it shows up - like the attached picture.

      It will not print to any sort of printer in this fashion.

      Can anyone recommend a solution to get a similar result?

      Much appreciated!
      Ryan Hudson
        • White Text on Black Hatch?
          Charles Culp
          I know of no method to "fill in white". As far as I know, the text will always print black, even if the color is set to white.
          • White Text on Black Hatch?
            Sean Surber
            If you are trying to print to a black and white printer then that option will not work because everything that has a color in SW drawings is printed out in black. In other words, those letters may look white in the drawing but they print out black on top of that black solid hatch. Move one of the numbers over into a blank space and do a print preview to see.
            • White Text on Black Hatch?
              Eddie Cyganik


              Would "halo'd" text be acceptable? See image below.

              Setting for this is:
              Tools - Options - Document Properties - Detailing, check box for:
              Area hatch display - Show halo around annotations
                • White Text on Black Hatch?
                  Thanks Eddie - I do have that checked already and I can't seem to make that even work. If I leave everything at the default black text with a solid hatch fill it just completely hides the text. The bummer is that the white on black looked like it was going to work well and that it was the obvious choice, I do have a color printer, maybe I'm out of white ink (kidding)!

                  And a new issue that just developed:
                  I tried a work around - screen shot the drawing view just like the image in my original post and inserted that image. Looks fine on screen WILL NOT PRINT RIGHT! And get this, it prints the whole view solid black and leaves the text WHITE! I'll attach a photo.

                  I have never seen this problem before - granted I've only been using Solidworks for 3 years but I have made several hundred drawings in that time.

                  Printer is the HP Designjet T1100 and I'm using the latest driver and the latest version of SW.

                • White Text on Black Hatch?
                  Bingo! I totally overlooked that! Thank you, that works perfectly.

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                    Peter McGrath

                    Same issue, very frustrating. I changed the text color to be 251, 251, 251 in the Custom Color Dialog box so it prints out as a very, very light gray. Its a hack, but it works.