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    Middle Mouse Button

    Tony Thompson
      I am using a Dell M6300 laptop with a bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard and I can not get the middle mouse button to work in Solidworks. I can zoom but can not rotate or pan. I am not using the dual monitor setup with my Nvidia video cart but I am using a d-port and a monitor. I have tried several setting in my mouse driver software with no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
        • Middle Mouse Button
          Wayne Tiffany
          Generally I have found that to solve problems like this, go to the mouse settings in Windows and set the middle button to Middle Button, or something like that. This lets the app tell it how to act.

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            Kirk Jess
            What OS are you using?
            What do you have the middle button set to do in your mouse software?
            What brand of mouse?

            With my Logitech G5 I have the middle button set to Generic Button.
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                Mike Puckett
                The touchpad on your laptop is overriding your ability to customise your mouse. When you connect a mouse to the laptop, windows is going to treat it as a generic pointing device and give you very limited customization options. On my M90 and my Vostro I have bluetooth mice to use with them. The only way to be able to get the full functions of the mouse to to disable the touchpad and tell windows to use the mouse by default. This of course means you can no longer use the touchpad. Its really a catch 22.
              • Middle Mouse Button

                If you are using the bluetooth mouse that Dell offered, the trick is to set the scroll wheel to "middle button" in the setpoint software. I know it's not intuitive, but zoom, pan, and rotate all function as expected.