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HELP ASAP surface mesh with several solids

Question asked by Lennart Middel on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2008 by Lennart Middel
Hello, i need some help, and im under big time stress so please, any help is apreciated.
For my internship i ran into a problem:
I got 2 tubes perpendicular to one another. For the mesh I have to use surface mesh because the very small wallthickness of the tubes. I made them as 1 solid and split them with the split function, so now i got 2 bodies. I have to do this because if I just use the surfaces cw does not use the surface underneath the contact area.
For now i have been using a global contact as bonded and contact sets with a source as 1 plane and the target as the other surface. This should work fine, and the mesh does work, only the nodes on the contact edge should be the same nodes for both surfaces to get a good contact but they dont. So i got 2 loose meshes wit only a few or none nodes that are at the same time a part op surface 1 as well as surface 2. This is really intervering with my results.
How do I set my settings in solidworks so this problem is fixed. I've been trying for more than a week now so all suggestions are welcome. To get a visual of what im talking about i attached a screenshot of the problem