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HowTo install SWX on Vista w/ respect to UAC?

Question asked by Thomas Klein on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2008 by Thomas Klein
Under Win2K and WinXP, I first logged in as "administrator" and initiated SWX installation.
After completion, I logged out, logged in as a "normal user" (restricted rights) and started working.

Installing SWX 2008 SP3.0 (and 3dControl x64 Add-in) on Vista 64-bit, I disabled UAC as stated in the release notes for SP3.0. Macros and Equations didn't work, but the remainders did.

Having upgraded to SP3.1, I re-enabled UAC for integrity and security reasons. Since, I am experiencing the following issues when trying to start SWX:
  • just double-clicking the SWX icon on my "normal user" desktop results in ... nothing!
  • shift-right-clicking the icon and "running as..." "administrator" _does_ start up the application, but then SWX runs in a wrong environment (not knowing any of my previously set preferences, network paths, SpacePilot, ...)
  • shift-right-clicking the icon and "running as..." my normal user account (giving nothing else than my normal user account password!) wondrously starts up SWX, but it still feels like running in a different environment: SpacePilot does not change to SWX mode nor interacts with it; network folders can only be accessed after retyping password, etc.)

    I haven't yet fully understood the Vista way of differentiating user accounts and rights escalation. Therefore I would appreciate any SWX publication clarifying how SWX is correctly installed under Vista and some background about how it integrates with the OS?
    I haven't seen any Vista installation manual yet, and even asking my VAR did not help in getting release notes for SP3.1...

    Thanks for helpful hints!