John Nemeth

eDrawings crashes

Discussion created by John Nemeth on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2008 by Mark Kaiser
We have been struggling with an issue here. When we open a medium size SW assembly in SW 2008 (model created in the same version) after the first mouse movements eDrawings crashes. The crash seems to be a 'normal' one, because the message comes up afterwards whether or not I want to report this issue.
This is happening on other boxes (management, Clients) and it is a consistent issue. It does not happen on our 'working' boxes here.
First I thought of a memory overload-problem but then I checked the memory usage in Task Manager and it reported about 750 MB usage, so this should be OK. The processor load is 'crazy' though. Keeping Task Manager open it reports a flat out 100% proc load, which suddenly drops after a few seconds after the loading finishes. Then after a few seconds it suddenly peaks out again to 100% with a short surge. This is the point of time when it usually crashes. If we manipulate eDrawings very cautiously (which is not supposed to be so), taking the processor peaks into consideration, we usually manage to keep it alive for 20-30 seconds but then it crushes anyway. Again, while doing this, the processor load reports sudden surge-drop-cycles and flat-out 100% load periods.
We did not have this problem with earlier versions, eDrawings used to be quite stable and reliable.
Anyone else has seen this?