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Visual Studio + EPDM Revision Control

Question asked by Dmitry Zamoshnikov on Jun 2, 2016
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Can EPDM be used to control Visual Studio files?


Can I add variables to the DLL's and *.cs files (Major Revision.Minor Revision) and have it linked to the assembly info file?




I build the solution and change the state to a minor revision (just increases the minor revision by 1).  Can the assembly info.cs file pull from the internal EPDM revision variable and increase its own minor revision by one?


Current Build: v0.1

Check in

Change to state "Minor Revision", increase minor version to v0.2.

"Assembly Info.cs" pulls from EPDM's "Minor Revision" variable and changes its own version to v0.2.


It seems like a stretch and would probably require a lot of coding...might be better to do it by hand.