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    Context toolbars going away too quickly

    Andy Sanders
      In Solidworks 08, I really am beginning to like and use the context toolbars that popup.

      But I've been getting frustrated with how quickly they go away unless you select something immediately.

      I was trying to constrain a line perpendicular to another today, and I kept wondering where the popup toolbar went. Then I noticed that indeed it was popping up, but also going away within a few seconds and I missed it.

      Is there a way to extend the time this "floats" there before you respond? That would be handy for this slow designer. :-)
        • Context toolbars going away too quickly
          Andy Sanders
          I just noticed playing with it again that it all depends on where you move your mouse when the popup appears.

          If I select the 2 sketch lines, it's there. If you don't move the mouse too far away from the selections it just sits there, waiting for your command.

          But if you move the mouse just a little bit away, say an inch or two, then it goes bye bye.

          Maybe I can train myself not to move too far with the mouse when it pops up, but it's hard when you're moving fast to get stuff done.
            • Context toolbars going away too quickly
              Andy Sanders
              Ok, another cool observation! :-)

              I very slowly moved my mouse away from the toolbar. It then very slowly began to fade away. I moved the mouse back again (very slowly) and it began to re-appear. Back and forth it will fade, come back etc.

              Can we expand this "circle of fadeability" a little more so we don't lose it too fast?
                • Context toolbars going away too quickly
                  Wayne Tiffany
                  I'm presuming that you are picking one line, then Ctrl-picking the other line. At that point the toolbar should appear next to the current position of the cursor, in easy reach of clicking on it. The only way I have seen for it to disappear is to move your mouse out of range, hit the Alt key, or hit the Ctrl key. Are you doing any of those before selecting something from the toolbar by chance?

                  As a sidenote, if you do find that you did unconsciously wander away and the toolbar disappeared, then putting your mouse back in the range and hitting & releasing the Shift or Ctrl key will make it reappear, unles you have jsut pressed some other key. Try it to see what I mean.

                    • Context toolbars going away too quickly
                      Andy Sanders
                      Ok, that worked (the shift key trick). That's not real intuitive, though.

                      What would be nice is, if the selections are still highlighted, to simply move the mouse back closer again and it would come back by itself. That would make more sense to me.

                      I don't know why I'm wandering away so much. Maybe I'm used to shooting my pointer over to a toolbar in the menus to do the same thing I could be doing with the context toolbar. Habits die hard.

                      Thanks for the tip.