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How to create a drawing table that auto updates based on dimensions in model?

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by Eric Blankinship

Hello All,


So kinda a slightly different type scenario that I'm not sure if will work or not or even the best method to use.  Previously our model drawings had split up our parts into multiple drawings so each version of a part had it's own separate print.  With new method we are changing to having 1 drawing per component type and then a table in the drawing to denote changes based on model version.  This works just fine until it comes to revisions as any time the model changes the table is just typed in has no relation to the actual part and so every dimension in the table has to be manually checked and updated.


I had considered trying to use design tables instead of basic table so that way the model and drawing would be linked but that won't work for everything as some dimensions used in drawings don't correlate to any model dimension (i.e. overall dimensions in an assembly or features created through inserted bodies)


So what I am really wondering is if there is any way that I can create a table that actually inserts measured values rather than copying dimensions in the part & that can be setup so that each configuration is displayed.  Basically a design table but with slightly different functionality.


Not sure if this is possible but thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone had tried something like this before.  Also not sure how a macro would work in this instance but due to restrictions on our work computers I can't use macros so answer would have to be non-macro.