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"Replace Model" hole dimension glitch, is it because I'm using SW through a virtual machine?

Question asked by Lynn Bradbury on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Lynn Bradbury

I'm experiencing a "glitch" when using the "replace Model" command in a drawing.  Hole dimensions don't move with the holes, but don't go dangling.  All other dimensions update properly.  You can see the potential for drawing errors having dimensions no longer attached to anything, but not showing as dangling. 


This is a repeatable behavior, not an occasional glitch.  A simple test shows it.  Make a drawing of a square plate with holes in it.  Use "save-as" to create and identical part with identical geometry, then change dimensions to the holes (moving the existing holes rather than replacing them with new ones).  With these two simple parts, "replace model" in a drawing view should work like a charm, but as previously stated, the hole dimensions don't update OR show as dangling.


Just a note, when testing "replace model" command with 2 parts that have more differences than the simple test just described, dimensions to lines and radii that should have gone dangling did so.  Dangling color and functionality work, just not for holes...


I am using SW through a virtual machine and I'm curious if this is a software glitch in SW itself, or if it's stemming from the virtual machine environment.