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how do I add this nacelle

Question asked by Jerry Watts on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Paul Salvador

I'm trying to stuff a Vacuum cleaner motor in a custom shell that doesn't exactly fit.  I need to cut the back out a bit and create a nacelle to cover the motor.  I could use some help.  I suspect this should be easy.


I tried to attach the assembly that I have so far, pack-n-go zip file, but get the message "file is too large".  How do I make it smaller?


Attached is the normal shell, Part-59;

Shell as cut so I can stuff the vacuum motor in it, 59 Domel.

Nacelle approximation, Nacelle Domel.


I would like the edge of the nacelle to follow the surface of the shell just .1 outside the 10.3" cut out.  It needs to have about 3 deg draft and clear the motor by .1". 


Haven't been able to figure a way to make it happen.  If anyone knows and can explain of point me to a You tube vid, that'd be great!



Jerry Watts

Here's a couple jpg's of the shell w/t motor it, just for perspective.

Domel in Shell(1).JPGDomel in Shell(2).JPG