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Configuration specific properties toolbox limitation

Discussion created by chad garrish on Mar 26, 2008
Latest reply on May 9, 2008 by David St Pierre
I seem to have found a pretty big limitation in SWX tool Box.

as mentioed in a previous post, I have created a custom toolbox for one of my clients. I went in and configured all the data for thier part number/materal codes. this included descriptions ect.. I assumed that this data would be passed along to the configuration specific properties of the newly configured part in toolbox. This was not the case. All the data entered in the tool box configurator is only used for the toolbox configurator interface. the result of this is that now my client still has to go in and manually enter the configuration specific data after toolbox configures and enters the part into the assembly.

is it me or does it seem like most of the tools are in place here to automate this so users can have the configuration specific properties populated from the tool box?