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    Toolbar Button Location not being Saved

    Tim R
      I go to:

      Tools>Customize...>Commands>PDMWorks Workgroup

      and drag the "Check In (Active)" toolbar button up to the top of the window, and drop right next to the blue floppy "Save" toolbar button. Close the dialog box, Close Solidworks. Open Solidworks and the "Check In (Active)" toolbar button isn't there so I have to do it all over again for the new session of SW. Shouldn't SW be saving the customization and be loading that toolbar button there everytime I open SW? If not, what am I doing wrong?

        • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
          Tim Koritz
          Hi Tim,

          I have the same issue with that button. It only seems to be that button at the very top (I try to put mine next to the options button). Other buttons stay but that one does not seem to enjoy that location. I have since reverted to have it on the Office Products tab. Kind of a PITA.

          If I may say - yet again, another "bug" with the new interface.
          • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
            Ian Vivero
            I have the same problem putting the same button in exactly the same place. I got used to the button being there from the original release of 2008 but somewhere in the last few updates its started disappearing on me. I've since given up but I would like to have it back as it was that much easier to get things checked in. Anyone from Solidworks care to comment on this?
              • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
                Jim Wilkinson
                Hi All,

                We are aware of the problem and are working on a fix, hopefully for SolidWorks 2008 SP04. It will happen for any button that is placed on the menu bar and is from an API or add-in program. It works fine if you put the button on the CommandManager or any other toolbar, so the workaround is to place it on one of those for now.

                Sorry for the inconvenience,
                  • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
                    Bill Rose
                    Jim (or anyone),

                    I have a similar issue. The 3Dcontrol toolbar will not stay put. I place it next to Tools toolbar in the upper dock each time I open SWx 2008 and when I open 2008 again it has jumped down one spot making the dock two high instead of one high. It's a minor PITA but it may be part of the same problem this thread talks about. I also notice a RMB click in the toolbar area shows the 3Dcontrol toolbar grayed out?? It's there, it's active and works as it should (other than wandering out of place between sessions).

                    Compared to some of the other interface problems I see, this one is not even in the top five but I'd love to see it fixed.

                      • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
                        Tom Strohscher
                        I can't get any toolbar customizations to stay where I put them. SW changes the toolbars everytime I open a different part.

                        When I got 2008 I thought I would go through every icon and and grab commands that might help me. This is somthing I never did in 2006 and 2007.
                        But what's the point if I have to do this for every part I make.

                        SW seems to save the customized toolbars per part file. It this true?

                        How do I save the toolbars the way I want them?
                          • Toolbar Button Location not being Saved
                            Anna Wood
                            Toolbar settings are saved in the registry. Does your IT department have you set up with restrictive user rights that do not allow editing the registry?

                            What are your administrative rights to your computer?

                            SW has toolbar set-ups for each envionment, part, assembly and drawing, not on a per file basis.

                            How did you do your SW2008 install? Clean install or an upgrade?