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Did something change in 2008 regarding line relationships?

Question asked by Steven Mack on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2008 by Steven Mack
I am at my supplier's computer trying to show him our model. They have 2008 on their machine and I'm working with 2007 on ours. His version opened my part just fine, but when I went to show him a sketch of a feature, it showed all my lines as being underdefined, which I was sure they weren't. Long story short... after experimenting a little I determined that "horizontal" and "vertical" seem to no longer have an application with lines in 2008??? Is this right? A bug or something different?

Here's what I did:

Open new part. New sketch. Draw a line. Add horizontal (or vertical) relationship... does nothing. Still shows as underdefined. Physically move the line and now its "over defined" because of the horizontal relationship.

What's up?

They use AutoCAD here almost exclusively so they aren't that familiar and they just got 2008. So do they have a bad install, is there a bug we should know about, or is there a different/better way of defining a horizontal line?

I know I can just fix the lines, but that seems awkward to me. Thanks.

- Steven