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MDB BOM Hyperlink?

Question asked by Egbert Joostens on Jun 2, 2016


I've got a problem, and I still didn't found a solution for it. So I hope you guys could help me out?


I'am working with Solidworks MDB to make an interactive 3D PDF. That part works great. Now I want to put a Hyperlink in the BOM so you could go to a specific part or to a webpage. I tried to put a hyperlink in the BOM but it didn't recognized it as a hyperlink. I found a script to put a hyperlink over a BOM  in a drawing file only this didn't work for a BOM in an assembly file. And if I put a hyperlink over the BOM with the insert tool it will disappear when I make a 3D pdf. So is it possible to write a macro that's put working hyperlinks directly in the BOM  of an assembly file (.asm). So when I make a 3D pdf its posible to click in the BOM at the hyperlink.


Kind regards