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SolidWorks 2008 Will Not Open

Question asked by James Byrom on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2008 by James Byrom
This seems strange to me, but I am new to SolidWorks so maybe it isn't. I have SolidWorks 2008 running on 4 computers using the network license. All of the computers were running SolidWorks just fine until about 1 week ago. Suddenly 1 of the computers is still running SolidWorks fine but the other three will no longer open SolidWorks. I click on the icon and the SolidWorks splash screen appears, stays up for a minute or two and then everything just goes away and the program never opens. The other wierd thing is that E-drawings, SolidWorks Explorer, etc all open with no problems on all of the computer. Any help, tips, or suggestions would be most appreciated!!