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Converting surfaces to solid bodies

Question asked by Geno Phipps on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by Geno Phipps
I am new to the software--not sure this is the right thread to post in--sorry if it isn't.

I am working on a pump design and the part was drawn with mostly solids or solid bodies, that is sketches that were extruded. I was not able to draw all of it with solids however and had to also use surfaces. The areas that needed to be created with surfaces mostly deal with a helix shaped water path--picture one of those big spiral slides on a playground =)

Anyway the part is all drawn now in the sense that all the surfaces are there I believe. Because this is a molded part and I need a finished thickness of .0625" I used the thicken command whre I could, and trim surface also. I ended up with a very muddled design tree that is nowhere near "best practices" but I do have my part =)

The problem is I can't seem to convert the entire thing into a single solid body so I can add my fillets and draft. Is there a way to do this? I tried knit surface but it will not work in all locations.

One of the issues I seem to have is that any circle or arc I draw is made up (at least the visual representation of it in the work area) of multiple line segments. Where another circle or arc meets these the surfaces of the line segments do not always lign up. The stated diameter/radius is the same but the line segments are rotated.

You can download the file herehere (you will get a good laugh after the eye roll) if that helps.