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Design tree display of toolbox filenames

Question asked by Daryl Fredricksen on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by 1-DA1KBW
In 2007 when creating a toolbox part in an assembly, we saveas the toolbox part to a 6 digit company part number. After we did that, the display in the design tree would change to the new file name was saved'as to....just like when you saveas to a normal solidworks part or assembly. Now in 2008 when we do a saveas to a toolbox created part, screw, it does not update the design tree to our new 6 digit company part number. If we open the part from our tree it does open the new file and on our BOM is correct but the display in the design tree still shows the toolbox created description. Also, if we drag this part from the tree into our assembly, to add another part to our assembly, the display in the tree will show the new 6 digit part number correctly. So now we have multiple qty's of the same file in our assembly but in the desgn tree it shows that we have two different of the toolbox created description and one of our 6 digit part number.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Any input on this would be helpful. My rep gave me a work around but that requires a big change to our system. I just want it to display what we saved'as to just like a normal part or assembly does, like 2007 used to do.