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BatchProcessXpress v1.4 - RELEASED

Question asked by Luke Malpass on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by Luke Malpass
Due to the interest my tool has been generating, I am considering creating a free cut-down version of BatchProcess for everyone to use, with no time limit.

How many of you would be interested if the free version could do the following, and are their any other requests for feature improvements or add-ons for BatchProcess so far?

BatchProcessExpress Features:

- O Print Documents
- X Set Printer Settings
- X Print Range/BlackWhite List
- O List Mode: References
- O List Mode: Open Files
- X List Mode: Recent Files
- X List Mode: Manual
- X Image Preview
- X Pack & Go
- O Protected Paths & Files
- O Save As Active/All Configurations
- O Save As Basic Formats
- X Save As Advanced Formats
- X Save As Range/BlackWhite List
- O Update Drawing Templates
- X Override Drawing Template
- X Template Range/BlackWhite List
- O Custom Property Rules Builder
- O Set Custom Properties Using Rules

BatchProcess has many new features being incorporated to it at present, but that is the basic list.

If you are interested in a free version please reply so I can get some ideas as to the demand. Cheers.

Luke Malpass