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Overall drafting standard not updating layers on existing drawings in SW2014

Question asked by Gavin Clayton on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Glenn Schroeder

We have a lot of drawings with slightly different Overall drafting standards. Some dimensions will be in a different font or on a different layer. We have now decided on a company wide drafting standard for font and layer. I have set everything in the Document Properties tab and saved to an external file. When I open an old drawing in document properties I load from external file and point it to the new overall drafting standard I saved. The dimension font will now change but all the layers have not been updated. Now everything is on the none layer. I have changed the document layer to be per standard but that does not change anything. My template works correctly with font and layer for new drawings but 99% of what we do is a copy of a previous design. We are using Solidworks 2014.