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Discussion created by George Reilly on Mar 24, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2008 by Mark Matthews
After going to SW2008 one of our engineers noticed that the Design Tree no longer lists the features with the Prefix Base-, Boss-, or Cut-
Everything lists as Extrude1, Extrude2, and Extrude3. However when I looked into the "What's New" pdfpage 1-5 clearly shows an example of using the Filtering option and searching for "Cut" to obtain all of the Cut-Extrudes???

Did we inadvertanly change a System Option somewhere?

Before 2008: After2008:
Base-Extrude1 Extrude1
Boss-Extrude1 Extrude2
Cut-Extrude1 Extrude3

The small icons are correct but the Descriptions have changed.