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    FeatureManager Design Tree

    George Reilly
      After going to SW2008 one of our engineers noticed that the Design Tree no longer lists the features with the Prefix Base-, Boss-, or Cut-
      Everything lists as Extrude1, Extrude2, and Extrude3. However when I looked into the "What's New" pdfpage 1-5 clearly shows an example of using the Filtering option and searching for "Cut" to obtain all of the Cut-Extrudes???

      Did we inadvertanly change a System Option somewhere?

      Before 2008: After2008:
      Base-Extrude1 Extrude1
      Boss-Extrude1 Extrude2
      Cut-Extrude1 Extrude3

      The small icons are correct but the Descriptions have changed.

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          Wayne Tiffany
          We see the same thing here but I just figured it was a change based on the fact that you can now drag the extrude to be either a boss or cut. The fact that some documentation shows the old verbiage, leads me to think it was a late change.

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            Matt Lombard
            Good catch on the cut/boss. I think it is helpful to have the words cut or boss in there. Or at least the word cut, maybe boss can be assumed. Cut sweeps and lofts still get the "cut" prefix. It must be because of what Wayne said. The dragging a boss to a cut is a neat demo trick, but I haven't had a use for it.

            The "base" terminology has been obsolete for 5 years, but some of the SW documentation and even parts of the interface still has it. Ever since multibodies were introuduced, the concept of a "base" feature has been non-existent because you can reorder the first feature.
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              Kelvin Lamport
              If the features are renamed to a logical function name (e.g. Grating Recess, O-ring Groove, Pivot Hole Bridge, Bumper Ring, etc) when they are created, the lack of a "cut" or "boss" designation problem is eliminated.
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                  Bill Rose

                  Kelvin Lamport wrote:


                  If the features are renamed to a logical function name ....

                  I'm the only one in our company that does that. Everyone else uses the default names. I'd like at least the Cut- to be put back in the naming default. The tree's icons are too small to be of any value.

                  BTW, the icon changes when you change a boss to a cut, so the name could change too (if it hasn't been edited).....Bill
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                    Mark Matthews
                    Coming from Pro-E land, this naming of extrudes without an indication of boss or cut is the default. In Pro they can be redefined to be either, as with instant 3-d. I have long been used to naming the features in a large model so that I know what features to go to when changes need to be made later (sometimes much later). SW is much freindlier in naming things in that you can use spaces, caps and lowercase, and stick features in folders.
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                    Charles Culp
                    The only kicker (and this just happened to me this morning, in fact) is that I will sometimes think that I'm not doing a cut when I am using the extrude-cut feature. What I mean is, I will create a sketch, then select "Extrude-Cut", which on my toolbar is right next to "Extrude-Boss". When it appears in the FeatureManager, it just says "extrude". So if I'm not paying attention, I think "boy, I didn't want to extrude, I wanted to cut". So I cancel out, only to find out that it WAS the extrude cut command.

                    This is usually when it it time to take a breather, and step away from the computer for a few minutes; so maybe we can call it the "you need a break" feature...
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                      Brian Hoerner
                      I have to agree with Wayne, this is most likely because of the ability to change the feature from an extrude boss to an extrude cut, I can't imagine it would be the easiest programming to rename if you change the feature from a cut to a boss.