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Vault drive folders vs data file folder access

Question asked by Henry Belch on Mar 24, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2008 by Troy Peterson

I have read eveythying about the set-up and use of PDM works and am about to do batch check-ins for all of our files(after, of course, backing up all of the data).

I have had the IT guys install the PDM workgroup software lisence on the server where we keep the drawings/models/data.

1) Do we set the file folder access to read only for users who will be designing new components?

I want to make sure no changes are made to the documents without going through check-in & check-out via PDMworks...

2) Also, I would like to force them to add a minimum amount of data to the fields in the database before they start a new model/drawing (also, only through PDMworks).

(ie: does PDMWorks workgroup control the read and write access to those folders?)

Thanks in advance,