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    Sequential  Panel NUmbering

    Emil Tietje
      We have multi sheet drawings and want to contunue the panel numbering. First sheet is 1 through 8; second sheet is 9 through 16; third sheet is 17 through 24; etc. I have thought of using the "SW Current Sheet" note porperty, but do not know how to increment the panel count. Do you have any ideas?

      We are running SW07 SP5 on WP Pro


      David Tietje
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          Alejandro Carrillo

          Hi Emil,


          I've been trying to do the same thing but I've had no luck, so let me tell you what I do:

          1st. Multi-sheet drawings go in tenths, i.e. Dwg1 goes from 1 thru 10, Dwg2 goes from 11 thru 20 etc.

          2nd. Set a document property named "Tenth", which will be 0 for Dwg1, 1 for Dwg2 etc.

          3rd. For panel numbering, link the note as follows: $PRP:"Tenth" $PRPSheet:"SW-Current Sheet" of  $PRP:"SW-Total Sheets" this will return for Dwg1-Sheet1 "0-1 of - XX"


          If you want the "total sheets" property to be the same for all drawings, I set a document property named "TSheets" and put it in the panel numbering so it ends like this:

          $PRP:"Tenth" $PRPSheet:"SW-Current Sheet" of  $PRP:"TSheets"


          i.e. I have 25 drawings which correspond to 3 multi-sheet drawing files:

          - Dwg1 has properties "Tenth"=0 and "Tsheets"=25 so in the panel I get (for sheet 3) "03 of 25"

          - Dwg2 has properties "Tenth"=1 and "Tsheets"=25 so in the panel I get (for sheet 7) "17 of 25"

          - etc.


          This way I have to set only 2 propeties in each drawing file. A little more work but that's the way I do it (until I find a better way).



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            Deepak Gupta

            Check this post Set Up Auto Numbering for Your SolidWorks Files Based on Document Type


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                Alejandro Carrillo



                I think I missed something or I did not fully understand. With the macro I generate part files with a sequential number in the file name, then (in the drawing) I can recall the file name and crop it somehow so I'm left with the part number which I put in the new "sheet count", this way for a project involving um, let's say 123 parts every drawing sheet will display a unique count number. Now, I don't know much about macros, can this one be reset to 0 for every project? I ask because for me, every project starts with part 1. Can info from the DB be retrieved so when all files had been created I recall the last number added to de DB and set it as my "Total Sheets" counter? Let me know if I got it right.


                Here are two pics of my current set up for sheet count (it's in spanish, sorry about that). As you can see in the "Hoja" (Sheet) field I have a value of "01 de XX" for the first sheet of a new file. Then I add 5 more sheets and set propeties as shown where "Htotales" (Total sheets) corresponds to the total amount of drawing sheets of the project, regardless of how many drawing files I create, I also changed the property "Decena" (tenth) from 0 to 3 so I get for the sixth drawing the value "36" as if it were sheet 6 on file "Drawing3".