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    Mixed Shell with Contact?

    Michael Atlas
      I have a nonlinear contact problem I have been running with all solids. Basicall I have a circular beam of varying radius (imagine a barbell type shape, thin in the center with larger constant radius "barrels" on the ends).

      It is loaded in a 3 point bend type configuration by a curved pusher in the center and rests on two curved supports along the barrels.

      I have just tried to replace the constant radius end barrels with a shell element built from a surface at 1/2 radius with a thickness of 1/2 radius. I then defined no penetration between the shell and the supports.

      It is running right now.

      Should I expect this to work at all? Bets?

      I'll let you know in a few hours.

        • Mixed Shell with Contact?
          Fernando Cuenca
          It should work. Be aware that part of the assumption of working with shells is that an small change in geometry doesn't affect the structural response significantly. Given that, it shouldn't matter if you use the external, midplane or internal surface of the barrel to create the shell, the differences are negligible. If they aren't (for example a really thick barrel), shells is not the way to go.