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    R6025 Runtime error in Cosmosworks

    Russell Alexander
      SolidWorks and CosmosWorks (v2007) crash when doing an H-Adaptive mesh on an assembly. There is an error dialog box stating the the cause is a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error. The error is R6025 - Pure Virtual Function Call. Any ideas?

      Russ Alexander
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        • R6025 Runtime error in Cosmosworks
          Basil Gello
          that usually means that the code of mesher here contains the error. So, you have to roll the another Service Pack for Cosmos he possible.

          Regards, Basil
            • R6025 Runtime error in Cosmosworks
              Ronnie Riedel
              Hi Basil and Russell!

              I am experiencing the same problems when meshing an assembly. Sometimes i get the R6025 message, and the program has to terminate or restart.

              I dont understand your answer here. Do you mean that the SP (ServicePack) currently installed is doing this meshing error, and he has to install a later SP?

              I have SW 2007 with Sp 3.1, which is causing these problems.
              I thought that the problem might be that i have some other program that is in conflict, or that my machine is to weak.

              Ronnie Riedel
              Stress and strain analysis Engineer
                • R6025 Runtime error in Cosmosworks
                  Edward Sine
                  Your not alone. I am not using Comos but I have had (7) R6025 Runtime C++ errors since Feb 11, 2008. that I have logged in my records. As my employer is not moving ahead to SW2008. I'm currently running SW2007 SP4.0
                  My R6025 C++ runtime errors seems to be when I'm working in a really large model having 14,000 plus solid bodies. But we do not use PDM here. We use something called Adept (meant for AutoCad). So I have not been able to figure out how to cure this on going problem myself yet. But we also have several others here who have had R6025 runtime errors. I'm a little surpised to find a lack discussion about this. I think it might be a little more common then folks are fessing up to by not talking about it. When I get my R6025 Runtime crash it dose send and email to Solid Works. So hopefully they will see something.