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parametric model, automatic dimension alignment

Question asked by A. D. on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by A. D.

Dear all,

I´ve made a fully automatic-parametric assembly, which also is linked to a drawing. The mentioned assembly contains a pallet, for which length, width, etc. can be configured. Now, the drawing automatically rescales according to the paper-sheet size and the max sizes of the pallet.

This all works really fine, except for one thing;

Everytime the pallet is given a new size, and the drawing is rescaled, the dimensions are displaced. For example, they are getting placed in the middle of the drawing view.

I would like to let the drawing automatically place the dimensions with a offset from the drawing view, as you normally would.

Do you guys know any way to 'tell' the drawing to give the dimensions a given offset from the drawing view/model?


To make things a bit clearer i've attached 2 images; One how it should always be, and one how it's now getting placed after a change in the model's sizes (and thus also the drawing scale), offcourse the second is just an example, as it always 'disrupts' the dimension alignments in an other way.


Thank in advance,

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How it should be.JPG

After model changes, how it not should be.JPG