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Revisioning with transitions

Question asked by Corey Hinman on Mar 20, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by Corey Hinman
Ok, I am working on a couple workflows and I'm having some troubles. I have one simple workflow that goes from "release pending" to "release" and if a change is need it goes to "Released Revising" and then back to released.

I have the transition to "released revising" set to increment the revision and set the Rev variable on the data card. Works great.

BUT. I have a workflow set up for manually setting the Rev and State on a file. So if some legacey file gets checked in, you set the rev to C, and the State to Released, it kicks it over to this new workflow, the Rev C carries through.

When I create a new revision, it goes BACK to A.

The increment revision is the last action taken. On the destination state (revising) I specify the revision scheme and say increment by 1. On the release state I have "none".

Also is there any way to force an auto comment in the system saying (bumped to rev x)?