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Boundary Surface - When and Why

Question asked by Chevis Watkinson on Mar 20, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2008 by Jerry Steiger
I'm looking for some information on the Boundary surface tool, I've don the SW tutorial (nozzel head) but I am loking for more inforamtion on it. The items that I am trying to learn are as follows:

When is it best to be used

What are the pro's of using it

What are the con's of using it

Were can I find more tutorials on the use of this tool

Were can I find samples of surface that were created using this

I've beeing doing surfaceing for 12 years using Alias, ICEM, SDRC and Solidoworks for for a variety of products, and my initial reaction to this tool is that is is a dangerous one to use as you limited control of the the surface and what happens beteen your boundaries. But I want to learn more.....

Chevis W.