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    Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only

    Joe Walton
      This problem seems to go away then come back with each SW service pack.

      I create Installation Instructions for my company and the first page has a picture, well actually 2, one picture and one logo picture. I am running Solidworks 2008 SP3.0.

      Here is my problem and what I have done to recreate it every time. I insert a picture (Insert - Picture... then I insert a .jpg) and scale it up to a viewable size that is pretty much most of the page, which is page 1. The consecutive pages, usually up to 7 or 8, are drawings and details along with notes on how to assemble each product. I save the drawing. Now if I close it, then re-open it, the picture I inserted on page 1 disappears. The object is still there as a box, but you can't see the picture and there are no options to do anything to bring it back other than reinserting it which adds time. I have tried to rebuild, update, and everthing else I can think of to the drawing and it will not show back up. Does anyone have this same problem or know how to fix this?

      Now I do have a second picture, it is actually a logo. I believe I inserted it as an OLE object because I right click on it and go to Properties... and it shows a dialog box as OLE Object Property. This does not disappear after saving and reopening. I'm not sure why or what I did differently. I tried to insert the larger picture as an OLE object, but all the comes up is an empty box with the file name inside it and the picture does not show up.

      I believe this did NOT happen in SW SP2.0 and I believe it DID happen in service packs earlier than that. This is a major thing for our company and adds a great amount of time when I have to reinsert the pictures everytime I update this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Setting the 1st page as a separate drawing really isn't the way we want to do this. I know the picture feature works for single pages, but not multi-pages. We have hundreds if not thousands of Installation Instructions and having a separate 1st page really isn't an option since it could get lost, deleted or even misplaced. That's why we use the multi-page drawings so we can easily keep everything in one file. Plus we PDF these drawings and having to add the first page to each one also adds time. We are always in a time crunch to when it comes to making these Installation Instructions and every little bit helps.

      Thanks to anyone that can help me out. Joe
        • Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only
          Joe Walton
          Here is the solution for anyone that needs it. This came from SolidWorks. I haven't had the chance to try it yet. I need to find the CD at my company, if one still exists.

          This is a known issue within Office 2003 that not only affects SolidWorks but all other applications that utilize OLE automation. With the release of Office 2003 Microsoft does not install or support the "Microsoft Photo Editor" application as part of the Office installation. Microsoft Photo Editor has been replaced by the Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2003 which causes issues with inserting JPEG files during the OLE insertion process. To view more information about this issue, please refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base articles:

          Photo Editor Features Are Not Available in Picture Manager KB # 827740:

          Images That Are Stored in OLE Object Fields Do Not Appear Correctly KB # 832508:

          As mentioned in Microsoft KB #832508 a work around to this issue is to install Microsoft Photo Editor, which is available as an Office Tool in Office 97, 2000, and XP.
          See the Knowledge Base article for installation instructions.

          If, having done this, and problems are still occurring it may be necessary to remove the program association to the JPEG extensions. To do this, take the following steps:
          1. Open the Microsoft Office Picture Manager through Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Office Tools
          2. Click on Tools > File Types, and clear all fields that are checked
          3. Now open a Windows Explorer window (Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer)
          4. Go to Tools > Folder Options, switch to the File Types tab
          5. Scroll down to the JPE, JPEG, JPG extensions, select each and click the Restore button to restore the default application for these file extensions

          Let me know if this helps,


          I'll post if I get it working.
          • Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only
            Joe Walton
            This did not work for me. I had to use a MS Office 97 version since my company did not have full versions till 97. I tried the extra step SolidWorks had at the end in case it didn't work and that still did not work.

            Still, if you have this problem, it may fix it on your computer. I hope SolidWorks fixes this as well as several Suppression issues that I am having. I'll have to start another thread or take a look around first.

            • Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only
              I have this issue to once the image is inserted it disappears when changing sheets nothing to do with office, the image is still there just not displayed. If you click on where the picture once was it magically reappears. Rebuild also works
              • Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only
                Joe Walton
                The rebilding of the drawings does not work for me. As stated above I have tried that, as well as other options to try and get it to work. Also stated above, SolidWorks states that it is a problem with MS Office 2003 and later. Do you have that installed? I have MS Office 2003 installed. Thanks for the help anyway Jason.

                Also a note
                I have MS Office 2003 Full version, not an upgraded version, so I had to try a full version earlier Office and not an upgraded earlier version. If you have MS Office 2003 full an earlier upgrade version will not load onto your computer because of a Product Validation error. That is why you would need a full version of Office XP or earlier.
                • Pictures disappear in multi-page drawings only
                  Joe Walton
                  I may have it figured out. For some reason I thought, why not drag the JPG file from Windows and place it on the SolidWorks drawing. Well, guess what, that works and after saving it, closing it down then re-opening it. IT'S STILL THERE! This works (at least for now). Anyone else can also give this a try. If it doesn't work, then if you haven't done the reply that SolidWorks gave me, try that. Then try the drag and drop again. I don't know if the drag and drop works without adding MS Photo Editor to the system. It should work for sure after that. Oh, by the way, I'm using Windows XP OS. I don't know if this will work on Vista or if it is even a problem on Vista.