Lennart Middel

Help with contact sets

Discussion created by Lennart Middel on Mar 20, 2008
Hello everybody, i've got 2 problems.
I made an model of a bicycle frame for my internship, using surface mesh im trying to measure the displacement. I made the frame in 1 part, and split the body into all the different pipes so i got morre than 1 body. This is to take the contact surface of the pipes in to account.

question 1: I used bonded contact sets to for the mesh, because only the global contact : bonded did not cut it. Is this the right way?
question2: Do i also have to bond the different surfaces on one of the seperate body's?

Problem 1: When i run i get the following message: Warning: ratio of clearance/ element size in at least one element is larger than 1. Do you wish to continue
If i click yes it does calculate the outcome normally without problems. How does this message effect the outcome?

Problem 2: If change the bondages only a little bit (like only in order or something) the outcome changes by a few percent.

Im just trying to compare different models so the excact outcome is in no interest of me, only the relative outcome. making my method realy unreleable.

Long story short, does anyone have a awnser to one or more of these questions and problems?