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Visualize using CPU - getting a black screen

Question asked by Cami Florence on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Brian Hillner

I know this was in another discussion, but I could not find a way to add to it.  I have a customer that has an AMD card which we know is not supported so it is using his CPU (Intel).  However, all he gets is a black screen.  Drivers and Windows is up to date.  Doesnt matter if he is in Fast or Accurate mode and we did the install for Microsoft DirectX 9c.  I saw something in the discussion about locked to GPU instead of CPU, we double checked that CPU is being used as the render device.


Odd thing is that if you take a snapshot the picture shows the image from the project correctly and we get the x, y and z orientation when we use the manipulation tools.

Any direction we can be pointed to would be much apprecaited