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Find/Replace Text in Selected Notes

Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Marshall Wilson

Looking at another Forum question reminded me of this question which I keep forgetting to post:


In a Drawing, I want to Find/Replace text but only search Notes which I have selected, leaving all UNselected notes out of the process.


To put it another way: I have a drawing sheet open with tons of notes. I want to replace the text "Machine Screw" with "Self-Tapping Screw" in, lets say 10 notes which I have selected. When I try to do this with the Find/Replace Annotations tool and click on "Replace All" it goes ahead and replaces the text in all my notes, whether they are selected or not. I know I can go and repeatedly click on "Find Next" and decide for every note - but - well - you know - that's just not an elegant solution.


I looked in the Find/Replace options and there is no Check-Box for "Selected Annotations only"