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    Find/Replace Text in Selected Notes

    Marshall Wilson

      Looking at another Forum question reminded me of this question which I keep forgetting to post:


      In a Drawing, I want to Find/Replace text but only search Notes which I have selected, leaving all UNselected notes out of the process.


      To put it another way: I have a drawing sheet open with tons of notes. I want to replace the text "Machine Screw" with "Self-Tapping Screw" in, lets say 10 notes which I have selected. When I try to do this with the Find/Replace Annotations tool and click on "Replace All" it goes ahead and replaces the text in all my notes, whether they are selected or not. I know I can go and repeatedly click on "Find Next" and decide for every note - but - well - you know - that's just not an elegant solution.


      I looked in the Find/Replace options and there is no Check-Box for "Selected Annotations only"