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End-points of Intersection Curve

Question asked by Sean Callahan on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Sean Callahan

We recently upgraded from SW 2012 to 2015(SP 5.0). In the past when using two intersecting surfaces, planes, faces, or a combination of the like I could create an intersection curve AND drag the end-points. I am able to create the intersection curves as I could before but when attempting to drag the endpoint(s) I get a "Cannot drag. The selected item is fixed."


The sketches are in part(s) that are derived in context of other parts in an assembly. These are sometimes 3D sketches that bend in multiple directions or a sketch on a 2D plane. Showing the curvature combs on one of the 2D plane sketches shows no inflection points or erratic changes in curvature. I just made a sample part with surface planes on top and right that intersect and all worked as expected. This issue also persists if I delete the intersection relation and fix it as well.


I never had an issue in 2012(or prior versions) and was curious if I'm overlooking a new setting somewhere. Thanks.