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Best way to handle multiple tolerance blocks on drawings?

Question asked by Mark Schreiner on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by Eric Blankinship

Our company recently transitioned from Autodesk Inventor to Solid Works 2016. We are a welding, machining and manufacturing "job shop" for various customers. They all supply us with their own drawings, and we re-draw them using their dimensioning scheme and tolerances. Because we deal with dozens of different customers, that's dozens of different tolerance blocks. The way we handled it with Inventor is we created a drawing format/border for every customer and the tolerance block was embedded within the format. We wanted to go a different direction, so what we chose to do with Solid Works is keep the format/border generic and add-in all the customer-specific information, including the tolerance block. With my limited knowledge I have created a Generic Table that holds the tolerance block information per customer. The downside is you need to do this step for every sheet of every drawing. Its not horribly cumbersome, but my question for someone with more SW knowledge than me, is there a better way?


See the attached screen shot for what the tolerance block looks like. The good thing about it being a table is that creating a new one is very easy. Just wondering if someone has a better way. Maybe a Macro that would pop up a window and prompt me to pick the appropriate tolerance table when I create a new sheet? All sheets within the drawing use the same tolerance block if that matters.


Thanks in advance!