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Insufficient Data in Results File

Question asked by Michael Mueller on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2008 by Michael Mueller
Does anyone out there know how to trouble shoot the error: Insufficient Data in Results File? I am trying to analyze a pull test fixture made up of a 12' x 4.5' base of I-beams and a thick plate with a shackle mount attached and braced with I-beams cut at 45 degree angles on either end. These add up to 13 total parts. An 80,000 lb load is applied to the face of the hole in the shackle mount and the bottom of the base I-beams are restrained.

I successfully analyzed a smaller assembly which did not include the I-beam base, only the plate, the shackle mount, and the I-beam braces. I have tried making these as one sub-assembly and the base as another as well as all of the parts in one assembly but I keep getting the same error.

Everything goes along fine until I click on my results. Has anyone been able to overcome this issue?