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PDMWE Versioning issues

Question asked by Matt Gjertson on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2009 by Adam Meyer
When we do a minor revision, it is just to change file data, not actually change the model, so there is no need to update its parent assemblies. However, if you do not change the parent assemblies, you lose the file reference for the new version of the file. We use the option to always use latest version, so why does this happe?

For example, Assembly1 (version 1/1) uses PartA(version 1/1). PartA undergoes a minor revision, and does not change geometrically, so technically Assembly1 needs no change. PartA is now version 2/2. If you look on the Contains tab for Assembly1, it says it uses PartA(version 2/2). However, if you look at the Where Used tab for PartA, it says version 2/2 is not used anywhere, only version 1/2 is used in Assembly1.

This seems like either a glitch, or an option somewhere, but the guy from our VAR that has been handling our install says this is what it is supposed to do, but he seems unsure of himself. Could anyone please provide some insight into this issue? Thanks in advance.

PDMWE 2008 sp2.0
SW 2008 sp1.0