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Fastener Kits

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by Jason Capriotti
Just curious what you guys do for bolt kits? We commonly create a part number for bolt kits that contain fastening hardware for machines. This essentially makes it a sub-assembly but mating becomes a problem as the fasteners will be used in different locations in different assemblies.

What we do now is just pull in the fasteners into the assembly they are used in. The problem is the BOM.....we need to see the kit. This means manually editing the BOM or just forgetting the AutoBOM and inserting an Excel table and manually inputing the BOM.

I figure hardware kits or kits of common components is a common practise or are we alone?

Maybe this is an enhancement request for an assembly grouping feature that works with the BOM?